Focus Areas

Our funding focus areas are education, science, and public policy, as they impact:

● women and girls
● disabled and special needs children
● marginalized communities and people in poverty
● democracy, freedom, and conflict resolution


We believe education has the single largest impact in our ability to transform lives of people from impoverished communities.

We fund projects supporting children, primarily girls that fall within the following criteria:
* Children from marginalized communities
* Children with disabilities
* Children from low income families
* Children who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Colour)

Rare diseases

There are over 7,000 rare diseases affecting over 400 million people globally with less than 5% having treatments.

* We fund collaborations between universities, patient organizations, and companies that conduct research and development in ultra rare genetic disorders.
* We fund and create digital platforms (websites) to help ultra rare disease groups accelerate their research projects.
* Our current focus is on finding a cure for glycosylation diseases.

Public Policy

Public policy offers the best opportunity to address multifaceted challenges faced by humanity.

We support governance initiatives around the globe that focus on research, policy, and dialogue that will ultimately benefit the community.

We fund (through grants and fellowships) projects that prioritize/promote public policy and dialogue.

Our current focus is on Canada and India transcending traditional policy-making boundaries.