Voice for the voiceless

Who we are

The Sappani Foundation strives to inspire, educate, and empower.

We want to be a voice for the voiceless – the ones who are most vulnerable, the ones living in impoverished communities. We believe that through education, research, and public policy, we can do anything. We can help find a cure for rare diseases, improve literacy rates, and win the fight for human rights. We believe that by combining networking, advocacy, and philanthropy, we will find success.

Our story and inspiration

Like many new immigrants to Canada, Abi and Vijay struggled before they found success. Reflecting on their path to success, Abi & Vijay decided to give back through philanthropic efforts.

Vijay did his Bachelors in Pharmacy in India and his post-grad in marketing in Toronto, Canada. He was an active volunteer both on campus and in the community. He later went on to be the founder of several community organizations and sat on the board of over a dozen non-profit organizations.

Today, Vijay is a successful angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and an active community volunteer.

Sappani deity

Fighting for what matters

The name Sappani comes from an Indian tribal deity meaning “protector,” head of the warrior tribe. These fierce warriors were known to ride horses and carry swords to fight off invaders and protect the women and children. This is the inspiration behind our logo.

The Sappani Foundation strives to protect and support young women and children just like the warriors, and give them a voice to be heard. With this logo in mind, we want the women and children to be warriors – to empower them to gain the equality they deserve in society and all other aspects in their life.